District League Round 1

After an absence of over 20 years, the Men’s and Women’s District Leagues in Edinburgh returned to Edinburgh College yesterday with 10 teams taking part over the 2 genders.

Some great support from the local clubs have helped initiate this initiative which in turn will surely grow from strength to strength. Scottish Volleyball Leagues clubs City of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Jets, NUVOC and the University of Edinburgh were all represented and joined by strong District clubs in Bears and Linlithgow Hornets.

The men’s teams all played 3 matches (40 minute timed games) with a mixture of youth and experience competing against each other. It was great to see the next generation of volleyball stars competing against seasoned veterans who are still in love with the game.

Edinburgh Jets Masters and Bears had strong starts to the league winning all 3 matches which sets up a fantastic round 2. Linlithgow Hornets and City of Edinburgh boys both picked up victories over Edinburgh Jets and NUVOC to give them a fighting chance of securing a good seeding in the League Semi Finals.

Results from Round 1

82297128_2531212850310298_3868610874688143360_nEdinburgh Jets, University of Edinburgh and City of Edinburgh made up the Women’s District League competition. City of Edinburgh Academy have produced a lot of girls since its inception and the work of Emma Waldie and Zoe Smith should not go unnoticed. The young teams competed very well against their opposition but the experience of Jets and the University players shone through.

The teams also played 3 matches of 40 minutes length. Edinburgh Jets proved to be the strongest team on the day with their ball control standing up to the tests of the opposition.

Results from Round 1

What a fantastic day to start 2020 District League volleyball and with the number of competitions growing, access to volleyball in Edinburgh and the Lothians is at its highest for over 20 years.

But this needs to keep growing and moving forward while giving more competitive opportunities at a local level.

Men's Table
Men’s League Table
Womens Table
Women’s League Table


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