Mixed Invitational

Entries are first come first served.

We will have 4 Pools of 3 teams. Matches will be timed (minimum 25 minutes per game)

Pool winners advance to the Quarter Finals with 2nd & 3rd Places of Pools will playoff to advance to the Quarter Finals.

We have booked the Sports Hall from 9.30am – 4.30pm and we hope to utilise the full time for this competition in a first competitive outlet before the commencement of the Mixed District League on Sunday 27th March 2022.

Tournament Information

Matches in the Round Robin will be 25 minutes with 4 minutes warm up. As with previous events, teams can decide to use those 4 minutes to play if they are ready.
After the pool play there will be a playoff match between the 3rd placed teams in Pools 2 and 3.
The Round 1 and Quarter Final matches will be 30 minutes and 4 minutes warm up (same rules apply as before with warm up, as long as both teams agree).
The Semi Finals matches and finals will be 35 minutes and 4 minutes warm up.

Matches are decided by total number of points won, not sets. 
e.g. Team 1 wins Set 1 25-11 and loses set 2 to Team B 12-25 when the time is up. Team 1 will win the match 27-26.
Please can the first named referee teams arrive early (09:00) to help set the nets up to ensure the matches start on time. Edinburgh College now has new posts (Schelde) so please take care putting them up. The nets should be set at 2.35m (Mixed height).

Please ensure you pay attention to the schedule and have a minimum of 2 referees, 1 scorer and 2 linejudges available. Please be respectful to the competing teams and give the match your full attention. Teams who are eliminated will still have a referee assignment after they have lost their last match.

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