LBVA Governance

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote volleyball and all of its disciplines in the Local Area while increasing the awareness of the sport in general in Scotland.

Our Vision
Our vision is to support the people and clubs within the local area to reach their maximum potential to create local development teams and ensure our clubs are governed to an appropriate standard.

Our Core Values
All of our Core values follow the basic human values expected of any member i.e. truth, honesty and loyalty.

Local – Everything we deliver is for the local people and clubs to improve their experience.

Believe – To empower the local members to believe in their ability on and off the court to make a difference in someone else’s life through positive interaction.

Vision – To ensure all our members have the required vision to grow the sport locally through various disciplines and positive engagement with non-volleyball people.

All – To ensure access to the sport is open to all and shall not be exclusive to any specific groups.

LBVA Safeguarding Policy